Drakul – 5 Epic Vampire Novels


Legendary demon slayer?Finn Angmon has a surprise – he’s turning into a werewolf. Life is complicated enough given?his history with estranged vampire king Tepesch Drakul and his seductive daughters, and Finn’s enduring love for Shaolin warrior Fei Chok.

Drawing on the Irish legends of Fionn mac Cumaill, the novels pay tribute to Bram Stoker?s Count Dracula whilst mixing magic and science fiction in a unique blend. The narrative crosses time and space, visiting extraordinary worlds that share an ancient magic whilst facing great changes. Finn is a central character ? powerful, eternal, single-minded yet compassionate and down-to-earth. Each novel teaches Finn about himself as he fulfils his destiny.


Opens on Earth in the present day. Tepesch Drakul seeks to restore his lost empire by combining modern science with dark magic at the sinister Carbon Institute. Drakul?s man-eating daughter Angelica is on the rampage, leading Finn to call upon the spirits of four fallen warriors to help fight the modern-day evils of the Institute.? Running through Creation is the turbulent romance between Finn Angmon and Fei Chok, ultimately destined to become witch-queen of the planet Vasudha, home world of the Vampyra.

Drakul is also attracted to Fei, but with tragic results as she becomes vampire and is held prisoner in Cast?l Drakul. There she finds an ancient space-time portal created by the vampire priests and travels back to the Crusades, where she becomes part of Tepesch Drakul?s demon army, and in Jerusalem meets Finn and his four knights for the first time. She also discovers that Saskia, eldest daughter of Tepesch, is about to give birth and Finn is the father and witnesses the subsequent slaying of the child.

Fei?s knowledge will change the future and lead to the death of Tepesch Drakul at the hands of Angelica Drakul, so her unborn son Angelov can rule. ?At the end, unable to control her vampire nature, Fei cannot stay with Finn and leaves him for Tibet.


Sees the discovery of a second space-time portal by a marine research vessel sponsored by one of the Drakul companies owned by Angelica. Trapped inside the coffin-shaped device is Vadhul Drakul, bloodthirsty father of the late Tepesch, who had him buried alive long before human civilisation. ?Vadhul reawakens and seduces Andrea Estevar, one of the female researchers before assuming her fianc??s form. He is determined to take back his kingdom and reopen the portal to Vasudha, but is thwarted in his first attempt and escapes with Andrea.

The captured device has to be transported by sea to the Carbon Institute in London. Vadhul takes control of their honeymoon cruise ship with heavy losses, where he is joined by Angelica and her son Angelov.? Finn is persuaded by the Institute to fight the demon ship, but must first bring back Fei from exile. The ensuing war is fought on and below the sea.

Angelica is badly wounded and captured but Angelov escapes through the portal and seizes power on Vasudha, after which the first invaders appear on Earth and test the Earth?s defences whilst political intrigue and infighting leaves Earth vulnerable. Finn thwarts the invaders but Fei and Saskia Drakul are both taken to Vasudha, leaving Vadhul to seek revenge on Finn.


Begins on the planet Vasudha. ?Fei and Saskia are captured by a tribe of the Aayus (a magical canyon protected by white magic) and after a series of trials, Fei is chosen as the new Jananii (witch-queen and leader), but Angelov has already seized power and proves a cunning and brutal ruler as he seeks to reinstate the glory of his own race.

On Earth, Finn has to come to terms with the loss of Fei and the unstoppable changes as he becomes?Vorkha (werewolf).? Angelov lives in fear of Finn and sends an assassin to kill him and free Angelica but instead, Finn follows Angelica to Vasudha.? There, legends come true as Finn tries to prevent Angelov from seeding the Earth with vampire blood from a magical starship, a giant sentient pyramid fed with blood.? To do so, Finn must give the Vasudhan people the secrets of sword making and lead them into battle as werewolf, riding a giant scorpion.

Following an epic war that involves all of Vasudha, Angelica steals the star-ship and Finn follows.? He finally defeats her, but both are captured and held in the Institute for over twenty years of experimentation and torture. ?Meanwhile, Fei Chok remains on Vasudha and raises Finn?s child, Oisin.


Sees Finn escape from the Institute and return to Vasudha with a large section of the Carbon building.? With Finn are a group of thirty survivors he must help endure the terrors of the Vasudhan swamplands and the dusk-storm whilst searching for Fei.

Oisin, wayward son of Finn and Fei, has discovered that an invasion by a Zilon hive is underway that could destroy them all and the warring tribes must unite to defeat their terrible enemy. ?A cataclysmic battle follows as a volcanic eruption coincides with the Vasudhan night, whilst Oisin discovers his love for Wanda, daughter of a desert king. In desperation, vampire priests resurrect the father of Vadhul Drakul and his warriors, but he betrays them and the Zilon are only defeated after a terrible battle. Finn must face the giant Zilon queen and her earthborn daughter alone and almost dies. Wanda is chosen to be the new witch-queen, replacing Fei and she marries Oisin but takes away much of Fei?s power, after which she and Finn are banished to Earth.


Begins on a future Earth. Through an accident, Tepesch Drakul returns to life and must come to terms with a bizarre new world. The ancient adversaries are gone and his bank accounts have been frozen. The castle that Finn once destroyed has been rebuilt as a tourist attraction, the ?penthouse apartment bought by a Premier League footballer. Vampire blood has been analysed and the secrets of dark energy have been stolen and commercialised, used to bio-engineer ?the Gifted? by the fully privatised Carbon Institute. The country is an autocracy, run by the Flood family who model themselves on the Drakuls, even taking their appearance.

Tepesch Drakul must build a new life and come to terms with his new status. Living in one of the walled London ghettos with a stolen identity, he finds work as a private detective working for John Carling, ?paralysed by Tepesch Drakul many years earlier (during the first novel). Carling has a mechanised chair with its own personality, built from Gifts. He is involved with the Edenists, believers in a giant silver disk that will take them to Eden. The Gifts are out of control and seek out a new leader. They find Ajarah, greatest enemy of the Vampyra. He is held prisoner below the sea floor of Jivaloka, a frozen world with two races of people who live above and below the ice.? To prevent his escape, Tepesch will need the help of some old friends and enemies, but Finn has become a full-time werewolf, Fei is almost human and Angelica?s remains are kept on different floors of the Carbon building. The illusionary world Ajarah creates for his final showdown is Los Angeles, the year 1953 and his prison is a giant silver disk. Meanwhile, the ice on Jivaloka begins to melt.

Drakul Mythology

At the beginning of space-time, magic poured from the singularity and flooded the universe and the first beings were made. Called elementals, they took many forms.? Jalina was mistress of dark magic and wove the drinkers of blood, naming them bhuuta (demon that walks) and obyri (demons that fly). The Jananii were witches of white magic and created the planet Vasudha where life flourished with many peoples. They also created the Vorkha (werewolf), scourge of vampyra and beloved of Jananii.? Feared and hated by the vampire kind, the Vorkha was hunted and destroyed until only one remained. It dwelled in spirit form in the outer darkness, waiting for the day when it would be reborn and was called forth by Tepesch Drakul and lived within a man called Finn Angmon.? Some people still refer to the Vorkha as werewolf.

The vampire race spread throughout the universe, both wise and terrible and took with them their unshakeable belief in Jalina, bonded to their creator by their own blood. ?Other life forms travelled the stars. The Zilon were also born of the same dark forces but endless mutation separated them from the will of Jalina. They changed to a hive culture, travelling across space-time in their living ships to discover new worlds and harvest flesh to occupy their exoskeletal forms. Above all else, the Zilon sought out the few remaining elementals for their magic.


Vasudha ?Driven onwards by their endless hunger, the vampyra attacked world after world until they reached Vasudha, beloved planet of the Jananii.? Their Yar star ships were giant pyramids, over a mile each side and they dropped through the clouds, spinning and raining black blood on land and sea.? Life was changed on Vasudha, mutating to serve the will of Jalina until only the Aayus, canyon of life could be protected by the white magic of the Jananii.? Drakul I stepped from the pyramid onto the infected sands of the Maru and spread his arms wide. ?From this time on, Vasudha will be our home,? he cried.

The Zilon queen came to Vasudha, hungry for Jalina and a great war followed.? Drakul was trapped in his pyramid and buried deep below the desert waste known as the Marubhuumi, where he remained for five hundred thousand years until released to fight the Zilon, and was eventually killed by Finn Angmon for his treachery.

Vasudha is an ancient planet with two suns and three moons, about which much folklore has been written by the peoples of the Aayus. The suns are named Alpa Tapana (little sun) and Gura Tapana (giant sun).? After the first Zilon war, Gura Tapana grew ever bigger and the Vipra (Vampire priests) knew that her radiation would one day consume Vasudha.? They summoned the Jananii and the fusing of their dark and white magic overcame Jalina so she could be imprisoned.? From there, her magic was used to keep the heat of the sun at bay.? From that time on the vampyra continued to worship Jalina as Hamani-Kora, the all-seeing eye, but they were more capable of free will and their thoughts turned towards the Earth.? There they travelled and Vadhul Drakul son of Drakul founded Nagarah, the first city.

Jivaloka is very different from Vasudha. It is a frozen world with entirely different ecology above and below the ice.? The Adrossa ecosystems below the ice are rich and complex, supported by the sea forests that coat the ocean floors and reach the ice.? Above the ice, life is much harder and must withstand the scouring winds and ice-storms.? The food-chains of the Apaxa are entirely carnivorous and nothing lives for long, despite extreme adaption.? People were brought to Jivaloka by the vampyra and the Yar – living pyramidal star-ships rest on the sea floor but project above the ice and are there for only one purpose, the imprisonment of Ajarah.? Humans on Jivaloka are creative and subtle.? They have learned to copy nature and work with it in many ingenious ways.? Adrossan villages are suspended high in the sea-forests, the bubbles of air supplied by gardens of algae and the peoples ride the sea-spiders and breathe the air they take to their nests.? The Apoxa try to survive on the surface, riding ice-yachts after their prey and their cities have been carved from the ice-cliffs that ring the pyramids.? Jiivaa, the living essence of vampire blood, have been far less successful on Jivaloka because of Ajarah, the Elemental who captured and subjugated many Vampyric races for his own dark ends, until overthrown in a titanic battle.? The peoples of Jivaloka have learned the secrets of glimmer (white magic) but they do not know how to focus the energies, until Fei Chok comes to the planet and the balance of power shifts, leading to the breaking of the ice.


The Sagaraah bhuuta evolved in the sea and are heavily built, able to transmogrify into their natural state using the power of jiivaa.? Vadhul Drakul is of this race.? The obyri is the winged form but only the high caste, born possessing royal blood are able to attain their ultimate form.? It is the destiny of the high caste to lose their ability to assume other forms and ultimately to exist as wraith without physical form.? It is a continual fear of the high caste that they will one day lose the pleasures of the flesh but this takes so long, that none on Earth will do so in the age of Homo sapiens. Those of low caste are converted from other life forms by contamination.? Jiivaa spreads through them changing them utterly, destroying their free will and enslaving them to the will of Jalina but they will never change their form and are destined to die in service of the high caste.

The Zilon are ruthless, killing their own kind without hesitation if any aberration is detected but they are also extremely logical and intelligent, as this is a high-tech civilisation of ancient lineage.? The Zilon live in giant star ships similar in construction to termite mounds, but many miles across and formed of the living shell of the spider-like queen.? The young Vulpa do not have legs or armour and are slug-like creatures, feeding upon prey thrown down the feeding shafts.? After a month they pupate, emerging weeks later as Timora.? These are fast-moving predators able to adopt the colours and textures of their surroundings.? Large membranes joining their limbs allow the Timora to glide over considerable distances.? This is their favourite means of attack, hunting in packs.? The Timora face a serious challenge.? They have no more than a few months to find their future hosts otherwise death is inevitable.? The metamorphosis requires the larvae to fire a fleshy capsule into the body of the victim that contains their individual blueprint together with changers, a primitive form of jiivaa.? If they are successful, the capsule unleashes the changers within the host, and the host melds with the Zilon invader until a new life is born.? The queens take the form of giant spiders and form the living heart of a Zilon star ship.? They can read minds across the galaxy, such is their power.

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