Tree – story of a rewrite

It was time to visit an earlier effort, the fifth novel in the Drakul series. It had always felt that he was in some ways unwelcome in that narrative, which concerned a future London dominated and terrorised by a monstrous tree. The Cazash Tree is part fungus, part animate and needs to escape Earth to continue its expansion, but to do so requires the sporing, using infected humans as disseminators of male spores. The Tree has an army of followers addicted to its deadly sap (‘kine’). The Cazash Tree is an offence against Nature, and soon enough a champion awakens, in the form of druid Myrddin Wyllt. Myrddin must use ancient magic to defeat the Tree, helped by seven heroes. By the end of the novel, the planet is faced with a new future and must choose which direction to take. Very topical these days.

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